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Do you need help with removal or clearing in Gothenburg? We make sure you can avoid heavy lifting and don’t have to deal with bulky trash. At Proload, we have a comprehensive range of services to take care of most types of waste. Our staff are always close at hand for both small and large assignments.


Proload Moving Services – We move what you want, where you want, when you want! One of the central factors that affect the price of your move is the distance. Thus, you can expect the price to be significantly higher if you’re moving from Gothenburg to Malmö than if you’re moving within Gothenburg. Instead of renting a car and asking friends for help, let Proload take care of everything. Note that the tax deduction for household services allows you to get a discount of up to 50% on our moving services. By utilizing the tax deduction, you can almost halve your moving costs.

Contact us today for a smooth and professional moving experience in Gothenburg.

Move out cleaning

Today’s tax deduction for household services is also advantageous when it comes to moving cleaning!

We are happy to take on your moving cleaning of your home or premises in connection with your move. But, of course, you can hire us just for the moving cleaning or just for help with the move.

As there is a lot to consider in connection with a move, many people choose to hand over both of these heavy, strenuous, and perhaps tedious tasks to us. Usually, both the move and the cleaning need to be done within a few intense days.

Always with a quality guarantee and reasonably good prices.

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